The mission of Guardian Angel Child Care Ministry is to provide a safe, affordable, loving, and encouraging environment that not only meets children's developmental and academic needs, but also their spiritual needs.



The Guardian Angel Child Care Ministry will nurture the "whole child" in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development. We achieve this through providing a variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate and recognizes the individual needs and differences of children. Through Christian principles and activities, children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and life-long learners. The ministry will provide faith based activities with an emphasis on creative learning and development. Activities such as: games for problem solving, reading, listening, speaking and writing to strengthen vocabulary, creative and discovery learning, literacy development, structured learning in problem solving and logical thinking. Play is also an important tool for learning. Learning through play helps formulate healthy experiences for children. They will discover rules of sharing, getting along with others, how to resolve conflicts, how to recognize emotions, how to handle those emotions, how to help others, and how to interact appropriately with others. They will also learn to foster imagination and creativity through play. Children take the lessons they have learned in the early years and add to them through experimentation, exploration, creativity, and trial and error. Guardian Angel Child Care Ministry will provide experiences that will foster exploring a topic to its fullest to instill a sense of curiosity in a child who never stops learning. We strive to instill faith and values in every child for a brighter tomorrow.





We were first introduced to Guardian Angel through a close friend. We were looking for an affordable child care that was close to home and had no idea where to start. Upon our visit, the staff was friendly and our daughter began playing instantly. I was so worried on our daughter’s first day, but she could have cared less that I was leaving, which put me at ease. There was no question when we had our second daughter that she would also attend Guardian Angel. The staff is polite and informative. I have no doubts that my children are taken care of and very much loved when they are at Guardian Angel.

Pat and Andrea Travis



Guardian Angel has been a place my kids are safe and taken care of. The staff truly cares about my kids and my kids feel are very happy there. We are so blessed to have the Guardian Angel Child Care ministry!

Tyler and Kristine Pappas


I was introduced to Guardian Angel about 6 years ago. I just started working again and needed to find an affordable place to send my 14 month old son. He was in daycare previously, but the cost was astronomical. I had no idea where to begin and was afraid that if I found a place that was affordable, the care would be less than par. Nevertheless, I found an ad for Guardian Angel in the paper and set up an appointment to meet.

Over the years, I have enjoyed watching Guardian Angel grow! I now have three children who absolutely love this daycare. The staff genuinely cares about every child and family that walks through those doors. They have built strong bonds with all three of my children. It's reassuring to be able to send your children somewhere where you can be confident they are taken care of and loved.

I have been blessed with Guardian Angel Child Care Ministry and consider them a part of my family.

Megan Howard